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Our Story

That is a picture of me as a kid, baking in the kitchen with my mom who was doubling as photographer. We were having lots of fun making holiday cookies! By the way, I hated having my picture taken, so I'm making a face. :) Anyway, my mom and I have enjoyed cooking and baking together for a long time, as you can see from the style of the kitchen wallpaper. My mom has always been a great cook and taught me a lot in the kitchen.


While I was in college, working on my degree in Food Science and Human Nutrition, I started to have persistent, daily heartburn and digestive problems. I felt like I was in a mental fog after I ate, my energy level was low, and I gained about 30 pounds! Yikes. I was wondering what could be causing this? I thought I was eating as healthy as I could in the dorms.


Finally, my sister and I both found out that our problem was gluten and dairy. I decided to avoid eating them, but I was skeptical. I figured there was no harm trying it out, and I would do anything to get rid of the awful heartburn! After a short time, the heartburn went away and I could hardly believe it. As time went on, my digestive system was better than ever. My mental fog and fatigue went away, and I was better able to concentrate in class, which was great. I also started losing weight, without even realizing it at first. 


I really felt great, but I thought I would never be able to eat cookies again, and that made me sad. There was very little gluten free food on the market at that time. Now there are more gluten free options, which is fantastic, but there are still so many things that contain dairy.  

Within the last few years, my mom and I decided to give this gluten free, dairy free baking thing a try again so that those of us with food allergies had something special to enjoy during family gatherings too.


My mom has been an interior designer for most of her life, so with her creative, artistic nature, and my food science background, we designed some fun desserts, which our family and friends were excited about and urged us to market. Now, we whip up a variety of gluten free and dairy free dessert mixes in a commercial kitchen. We take pride in making our foods taste great! Just because they are gluten & dairy free doesn't mean they can't be mouthwatering!  


Our selection includes your favorite comfort foods in addition to unique dessert flavors that we are so thrilled to share with you!

Treat your loved ones, co-workers, or yourself! Our baking mixes make great gifts, and add flare to your gift baskets for the holidays and special occasions. We will be adding new items each season, so check in and see what new items we've added to our selection.


We would like to hear from you! E-mail us your feedback and tell us what foods you miss the most & what you wish was on the market.

We'd like to know!


Thank you and enjoy!

Valerie & Debbi

Sacor More Premium Baking Mixes. Gluten and Dairy Free
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