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Can I use butter in your baking mixes?

We have formulated our mixes without dairy ingredients for those who cannot digest or do not eat dairy. Where you would normally see "butter" in ingredients to add, you will see, "non-dairy butter substitute." These alternatives are typically available at health food stores & some grocery stores. If you are not serving your baked goods to anyone who needs to avoid dairy, then you can choose to use the same amount of butter in our baking mixes which call for "non-dairy butter substitute." 















Can I use (cow's) milk, if this cake/muffin mix calls for Non-Dairy Milk Alternative?

If you do not have any dietary reason to avoid dairy, & are not serving it to anyone who needs to avoid eating dairy, then you can use (cow's) milk. It will work out great either way!


What are non-dairy milk alternatives? 

Examples include plain, unsweetened Almond Milk, Coconut Milk, Soy Milk, Cashew Milk, Hazelnut Milk, & Rice Milk. Some are available in the refrigerated section, and others are found on the shelf at room temperature. Coconut milk can be found in a boxed package, or in a can. 

If you want to keep the milk substitute in your pantry at room temperature (unopened) until you bake with it, a shelf stable item, found at room temperature is a great option. Read the storage recommendations on the box if you're unsure. 


Egg Allergies/Vegan: Can I use an Egg Substitute when your recipe calls for Egg(s)?

We are happy to tell you, we have tested powdered egg replacers in place of eggs in several of our items, and have had great results. These are powdered, boxed items that do not contain egg products, dairy or gluten, but mimic the function of eggs in baking. They are present at most typical health food stores.

Please follow our directions on the back of each package or on our website under product descriptions to see how many “egg equivalents” to use in place of the egg.

Read directions on the egg replacer box for the proper way to prepare your egg replacement, including whether to add warm water, and to mix in immediately before baking, so that it is most effective. 

We’ve successfully used egg replacements in the following items: Double Chocolate Brownies, Chocolate Raspberry Cake, Pumpkin Muffins, Molasses Cookies, Lemon Cookies. (None of our frostings contain or call for eggs.)

Do you offer lower sugar options? Yes!

*Only 6 grams of sugar per serving in our Snickerdoodle, Coconut & Molasses Cookie Mixes.

*Only 7 grams of sugar per serving in our Lemon Cookie Mix.

*Only 10 grams of sugar per serving in Magic Apple Pie , Pumpkin Muffin, and Banana Muffin Mixes.

*Our Premium Bread Mixes have only 2 grams of sugar per serving: Homemade Bread, Focaccia Bread, & (Seasonal) Pumpernickel Style Bread Mixes. 

Our Lemon, Coconut & Snickerdoodle Cookies and Banana Muffins call for agave nectar, so that your cookies can still taste sweet, while we can use less sugar! If you prefer to use honey instead of agave, you may.

What is Agave Nectar and where can I find it?

Agave is a dessert plant (pictured above) that produces a nectar with a nice, sweet flavor which also does not cause a very significant spike in blood sugar after you eat it. That means it has a low "glycemic index." According to a study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, agave’s Glycemic Index is about five times lower than table sugar’s. 


Unlike agave, foods with a high glycemic index increase your blood sugar greatly, and trigger an insulin reaction. These large spikes can be problematic for those with diabetes. That's why agave is a great, natural option. You can use either variety: Gold Agave or Blue Agave. You can find it in many grocery stores, even Aldi, or health food stores, typically in the isle where baking or sugar items are located.

You can use 1 bottle of Agave to make several of our mixes. We also like to use Agave on/in GF DF pancakes, cereals, oatmeal, fruit smoothies, etc!


What’s Magic about Savor More Magic Apple Pie Mix?

It only takes 1 minute to mix the ingredients into a soft crumble. The mixture bakes through the apples, holding it together and creating a nice, crispy topping. It’s like a combination of a pie and a crisp. No pie crusts needed anymore! No two-step baking process either.

You can also turn it into a fruit crisp, if you’d like to use any canned pie filling in place of fresh apples, like Cherry, Blueberry, Peach, etc. Just mix the Magic Apple Pie Mix and spread evenly over your choice of pie filling in an 8” Pie Pan & bake for 35 minutes for an easy, delicious dessert!


All of our breads (Homemade Bread, Focaccia, & Pumpernickel Style) are very easy to make as there is no kneading necessary. Just follow the directions & use a wet spatula (and re-wet often) to handle & spread the dough. No kneading required. Just let it rise one in the pan you’re going to bake it in and bake it. That’s it!


Happy Baking!

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