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Press Release: Savor More LLC, crafting delicious Gluten and Dairy Free premium baking mixes

Packaged Baking Mix Selection

Comforting favorites to upscale desserts, delivery right to your doorstep

MINNETRISTA, MN, January 5, 2015 –Savor More LLC is giving people across America a chance to enjoy desserts again. Mother and daughter team, Debra and Valerie Notermann have developed a variety of gluten free and dairy free premium dessert mixes, from those dearly missed traditional favorites like Molasses Cookies to more unique options that are not easy to find, such as Raspberry Flavored Chocolate Cake, and Peppermint Flavored Double Chocolate Cookies. They take their slogan, “We take pride in making our foods taste great,” very seriously.

What is the importance of making products that are both gluten and dairy free? Studies show that about 50% of gluten sensitive patients also have an intolerance to casein (milk protein). Valerie personally found this to be true about 10 years ago, when she began suffering from intense heartburn, sinus and digestive issues, and fatigue. She learned she was reacting to both gluten and dairy allergens. Why was it so difficult to find foods on the market without both allergens?

Valerie and Debra saw time and time again, gluten free vanilla cake or chocolate cake, but those same options seemed tired after a while. They decided to finally offer people a greater variety of flavors and options to satisfy their palates.

Debra said, “Throughout our R&D process, we performed taste tests among a wide range of people, many who do not have food allergies. When we reviewed the anonymous written surveys, the most common responses were that they were surprised these were gluten and dairy free, and they wanted to know when and where they could purchase them.”

Savor More offers 7 reasonably priced dessert mixes that are hand crafted with high quality ingredients:

Molasses Cookie Mix Pumpkin Muffin Mix Peppermint Flavored Double Chocolate Cookie Mix Raspberry Flavored Chocolate Cake Mix Double Chocolate Brownie Mix Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

The duo is performing additional Research and Development to provide consumers with innovative desserts each season. They are actively seeking stores to carry their products.

Contact information is available on their website regarding wholesale inquiries. Savor More premium baking mixes are available for purchase through their website and at Gourmet Oil and Vinegar in St Louis Park.

Follow them on Twitter @SavormoreLLC, add like them on

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