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Hurry! Order soon to get your goodies in time!

It's crunch time to get your Gluten Free & Dairy Free Premium Baking & Frosting Mixes on time for the holidays! SHOP NOW USPS recommends shipping out Priority Mail Packages by this Saturday, Dec 18th to expect delivery before 12/25!* We ship all packages Priority Mail through our website:, so please get your orders placed by/on this Friday 12/17, so we can get them out for you. :) *(Recommended shipping deadline 12/18 for the lower 48 states & Alaska.) *(Recommended shipping deadline for Hawaii: 12/17.) There's limited time left to order & we will not be at any in-person events until January! Get automatic FREE SHIPPING with any $50 minimum online order throughout the U.S. on Shop Now! Trying to find a perfect last minute gift or baked goods for entertaining this holiday season? We've got a wide array to please everyone!

Want to make Winter favorites like Monkey Bread & Cinnamon Rolls? These are popular recipes you can create with Savor More GF & DF Homemade Bread Mix! Family favorites like Soft Pretzels and Postickers are also exciting options you can make w/ Savor More GF & DF Pasta Mix. Hover over the Recipes tab, & click on "Bread/Pasta Recipes." We also have recipes to create Pumpkin Crunch Dessert Bars or Carrot Cake in the blender with our GF & DF Pumpkin Muffin Mix. Make Banana Pancakes with our GF & DF Banana Muffin Mix.... 2 easy pie crusts with our GF & DF Lemon Cookie Mix & more! Click on the "Recipes" tab for delicious Dessert recipes made with our mixes. Speaking of Pie, have you tried our GF & DF Magic Apple Pie Mix? Skip the rolling pin. Great for more than just apples...even your choice of pie filling. Less time in the kitchen & more time to enjoy! You can also find our products at the *Recently Opened* Prairie Pride Retail Store along with Prairie Pride's entire line of products & artisanal items from dozens of other local vendors! **710 Linder Ave, Next to Cub Food West**

Store hours: Wed through Fri: 11am-7pm, Sat: 10am-3pm

Like us on facebook to keep up with our latest news & updates. Check out all of our Gluten & Dairy Free Gourmet Baking & Frosting Mixes: Chocolate Lovers' Delights, Spiced Favorites, Tropical Treats, Homemade Bread & Pasta. We have a variety of lower sugar and vegan friendly options too! Try topping with our delicious Frosting Mixes. SHOP NOW! Lower Sugar Options (Only 1 to 10 grams of sugar per serving): Homemade Pasta (No added sugar), Homemade Bread, Focaccia Bread Mixes. Snickerdoodle & Molasses Cookie & Lemon Cookie Mixes. Magic Apple Pie, Pumpkin & Banana Muffin Mixes. Need help ordering? E-mail us: or Call us at 612-770-5021. Sincerely, Savor More Gluten Free & Dairy Free We take pride in making our foods taste great! Share on social Shop Now! Created with Explore Ascend

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