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*Magic* Crisps & a Magic Sale!

Check out our New, Easy Crisp recipes using our Magic Apple Pie Mix! It's Rhubarb season! We have a new Rhubarb Strawberry Magic Crisp Recipe on our website. AND... The 4th of July is Coming! Check out our Red, White & Blue Magic Crisp Recipe too. Click on our Recipes Tab & scroll down, or click here.

Check out our Magic Sales - While supplies last! *Focaccia Bread Mix $8.99 Now $7.99! *Homemade Bread Mix $8.99 Now $7.99! *Orange Mango Cake Mix $8.99 Now $6.99! *Orange Mango Frosting Mix $4.99 Now $3.99! *Snickerdoodle/Sugar Cookie Mix $8.99 Now $6.99! *Magic Apple Pie Mix $7.99 Now $6.99! All of our items are Gluten & Dairy Free Available now only on! Order online! SHOP NOW No coupon code needed. We are only selling our items on our website at this time. Get automatic FREE SHIPPING with any $60 minimum online order throughout the U.S. on Shop Now! It's a great time of year to make Trifles - pictured below! Start with a baked Savor More Cake or Muffins. Simply cut cake or muffins into cubes, and grab a fancy glass. Layer in cake/muffin cubes, berries/bananas/fruit of your choice, dairy free whipped topping or dairy free ice cream, & a simple, delicious berry syrup: put strawberries and a little agave in a food processer, and blend into this delicious syrup. Layer it up and enjoy. What an impressive, light dessert for company!

Want to use Savor More GF & DF Homemade Bread Mix to make our customer favorites, like two 12 Inch Pizzas, Monkey Bread or Cinnamon Rolls? Check out these recipes on our website! Hover over the Recipes tab, & click on "Bread/Pasta Recipes." Our cookie mixes make a generous amount of cookies to satisfy your cravings. You can get 17 Snickerdoodle or Sugar Cookies, 20 Molasses Cookies, or 21 Lemon Cookies out of each mix. Wow! Family favorites like Soft Pretzels, Ravioli & Potstickers are also exciting options you can make w/ Savor More GF & DF Pasta Mix. Potsticker recipe options include those made with Chicken or Pork! Check out our *NEW* Ravioli Fillings & Sauce Recipes! *Mushroom Filling & *Beef Filling Recipes Available. *Creamy Tomato Sauce Recipe Available - Variations with or without dairy. Hover over our Recipes Tab & Click Bread/Pasta Recipes, or click here. We also have recipes to create Pumpkin Crunch Dessert Bars or Carrot Cake in the blender with our GF & DF Pumpkin Muffin Mix. Make 2 easy pie crusts with our GF & DF Lemon Cookie Mix & more! Click on the "Recipes" tab for delicious Dessert recipes made with our mixes.

Like us on facebook to keep up with our latest news & updates. Check out all of our Gluten & Dairy Free Gourmet Baking & Frosting Mixes: Chocolate Lovers' Delights, Spiced Favorites, Tropical Treats, Homemade Bread & Pasta. We have a variety of lower sugar and vegan friendly options too! Try topping with our delicious Frosting Mixes. SHOP NOW! Lower Sugar Options (Only 1 to 10 grams of sugar per serving): Homemade Pasta (No added sugar), Homemade Bread, Focaccia Bread Mixes. Snickerdoodle & Molasses Cookie & Lemon Cookie Mixes. Magic Apple Pie, Pumpkin & Banana Muffin Mixes. Need help ordering? E-mail us: or Call us at 612-770-5021.

Sincerely, Savor More Gluten Free & Dairy Free We take pride in making our foods taste great!

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