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Soft Pretzels At Your Fingertips & Hot SALES!

Now you can make Moist & Delicious Soft Pretzels with Savor More Homemade Pasta Mix! Click on our RECIPE now & check it out! Each pasta mix makes 8 soft pretzels & it's a super fun family activity. We dare you to let them cool before eating. :) Have you tried Savor More GF & DF Homemade Pasta Mix yet? Now you can make your choice of fresh pastas like Spaghetti, Linguine, Lasagna, & Fettuccine. Enjoy homemade Ravioli, Potstickers, Dumplings, & more! *Check it out* This pasta tastes wonderful cooked right in your favorite soups...or boil in water, and top with your favorite sauces & veggies. Made with Pea & Garbanzo Flours. And there's No Added Sugar! All you need to add are eggs & oil. Create noodles with a rolling pin or pasta maker. This pasta mix makes a generous amount for only $7.99! Click for a delicious Potsticker Recipe & Ravioli-making tips!

HOT SALE! Get 10% off your entire order! Starts Now only on through 3/19/21. SHOP NOW! Enter Promo Code YAY2021 at checkout on Promo code can be used an unlimited amount of times through 3/19/21! Feel free to share with friends & family. Code valid on orders shipped throughout the U.S. Promo code can not be combined with any other coupons. If you received promo code YAY2021 (10% off) in a recent shipment, the end date has now been extended to 3/19/21. You also get automatic FREE SHIPPING with any $50 minimum online order throughout the U.S!

More Deals? You got it! SALE! Orange Mango Cake Mix now only $5.00 ea! While Supplies Last! Check out these deals on

Savor More GF & DF Orange Mango Cake Mix combines fun, delicious flavors. You will wonder where it has been your whole life! Enjoy this light, fluffy, moist 9 inch cake or 12 cupcakes. Tastes great topped with our GF & DF Orange Mango Frosting mix, which is free of artificial colors and preservatives. Need more recipes for our mixes? For Dessert & Toppings recipes, click on the "Recipes" tab. Or hover over the Recipes tab, & click on "Bread/Pasta Recipes." Check out all of our Gluten & Dairy Free Gourmet Baking & Frosting Mixes: Chocolate Lovers' Delights, Spiced Favorites, Tropical Treats, Homemade Bread & Pasta. We have a variety of lower sugar and vegan friendly options too! Try topping with our delicious Frosting Mixes. SHOP NOW! Lower Sugar Options (Only 1 to 10 grams of sugar per serving): Homemade Pasta, Homemade Bread, Focaccia & Pumpernickel Style Bread Mixes. Snickerdoodle & Molasses Cookie & Lemon Cookie Mixes. Magic Apple Pie, Pumpkin & Banana Muffin Mixes. We hope that our foods bring you comfort during these trying times. Stay safe & Happy Holidays! Find out what’s new & get scheduling info as it becomes available. Like us on facebook to keep up with our latest news & updates. Check out our "Where to Buy" Tab. Calendar events are subject to change. Need help ordering? E-mail us: or Call us at 612-770-5021. Sincerely, Savor More Gluten Free & Dairy Free We take pride in making our foods taste great!

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